Treatment "QUANTUM":
This treatment shall be a relax moment or a individual path of awareness. 
Our natural frequency is harmonious and already produces the right information for us.
Using the "Genios" machinery we work together with electromagnetic fields modulated on intelligent algorithms,
to restore proper cellular energy functioning. We are multi-dimensional information that influences and is influenced by the Earth's magnetic field. Physics speaks to us of instantaneous communication of electrons that travel with a speed greater than that of light, which transcends the line of distance and time. With this treatment you will get stress reduction, internal balance and you will have made a choice for a personal change of consciousness, in the evolutionary improvement of all your cellular memory. Depending on personal needs, you will receive nutritional advice, phytotherapy solutions, moxa treatment and effective tools for your happy daily life.
For your session contact: naikeelisa@gmail.com 392 26 43 668
SUOND BATH collective or personal: 
Every month we meet in the Zenit center of Trieste to enjoy the experience of deep relaxation:
a love concert for the soul, a unique moment to come into contact with the sub conscious in the morphogenetic field.
You will need: a personal bottle of water, a mat and your favorite blanket.
COLLECTIVE MEETING 2021 for allingment with energetic core of the Earth:  10.01, 13.02, 18.04, 20.06

Singing frequency has a magical and mysterious form, free of charge, which humans and birds can allow themselves to investigate. In these sessions you will learn how to use the quality of your voice to sing to life with your gift. In the hour dedicated to your personal journey we will explore singing techniques, harmonics, body discipline, posture and cerebro-sound alignment. Throught this path you will allowed yourself to revitalize your system, making your way of communicating with the world clear. 
I remember you that singing skills are not necessary, but the session is also suitable and useful
for professionals artist.

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physic." (A.Einstein)