Telling stories through music, clowns and masks from different cultures means to me guarding and sharing the alchemy of traditions and thinking outside the boxes. With elegance and grace I am surprised to experience the great little chaotic disasters in the gentle flowing movement of life.

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I compose music according to the needs and the space in which I put myself: my love for rock and progressive is latent, but I go from classical to minimal music for the love and passion of magic in the research of vibration. I love composing for soundtracks and shows, it's good for my soul. Some new year 2020 songs below:

The desire to write the book "The tribe of the red noses" born from my thirst to share the responsibility I feel regarding the change in which our tribe of human beings is participating. Like it or not, there are many changes going on in the world today, and you need to be prepared and keep a kit of help, relief and self-reflection. In the book I deal with the topic of frequencies, quantum mechanics and the inner clown as a personal guide that each of us draws on. A book to dismantle the mad compass and find orientation in the storms of life with a smile. (Monica Galeotti cover).

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