gain coherence between what I think, speak and act throw:

- zen meditation 

-overtone singing

- strenght of Qi

Materials needed: pen and paper, cushion or low chair for meditation

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REIKI: Rei universal energy, Ki personal energy.

Bees are very valuable animals for the ecosystem: they contribute to the pollination process.

It is important to learn to recognize hives and to protect them.

In this atelier we deal with the First, Second and Third level seminars respectively to become a Reiki operator and start pollinating yourself and then others. Collect your nectar and treat yourself to healthy production.

Leads Elisa Naike Blecich, IV level Reiki Usui.

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A day dedicated to honoring our relationships to bring peace and be the responsible creators of a luminous generation in our nests. Suitable for everyone, no previous experience is required.

Seminar leads by Dr. Gianni Novello.