Rei universal energy, Ki personal energy.

A path of awareness in which the vital force is contacted: you can choose whether a treatment or enroll directly in the first, second and third level seminars to become a Reiki operator respectively. Leads Elisa Naike Blecich, 4th level Reiki Usui.


Zen pratica practice 坐禅 is a 1 hour and a half meditation session, in which our gain is presence in the practice itself: "Sit solidly motionless, think not to think. How to think not to think? Do not think. This is the art of zazen ".

At the Zenit center in Trieste every week, leads master Elisa Naike.


A seminar in nature where you work with body and voice training to make an experience in your being, learning to laugh at yourself and to let go what you no longer need in harmony, according to your uniqueness. A road trip coming back to innocence and magic. For everyone, no previous experience is required for the basic level.

For professionals we work with the advanced level of direction for personal artistic creations, at the request of the individual. Contact me.

costellazioni famigliari.jpg

Family constellations

A day dedicated to honoring our relationships, to bring peace and be the responsible creators of a bright generation.

Suitable for everyone, no previous experience is required.

Gianni Novello leads, at the Zenit center.