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Canale Armonico's intent is to to wake up the essence and

co-create from internal forces.


Through art, holistic support, atelier of creative strategies and

sound investigations.


The essence of what happens is a vibrational frequency:

every body capable emitting electromagnetic waves is a light source.

We emit continuous frequencies: we are tuned musical instruments that vibrate.

When we express a disharmony we are asking to change, to "be in agreement", listened to, treated with love and care, so that the creative flame should go with life, and with the exchange of information at the level of frequencies sustainable for the single nest in his own essence. A creative act to write new scores on racy lives.


If we continue to look for the essence in many places we probably continue

to find nothing: when we stop searching ... here is the nest appears!

Together we can transform disharmony into symphony and return back home. 

Animae Mundi Colendae Gratia, 

(For the care of the soul of the world)


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