The goal of Canale Armonico is to reconnect each being to its natural channel "I AM".

All bodies capable of emitting electromagnetic waves are sources of light.

We emit frequencies, we are tuned musical instruments that make their experience in the morphic field.

When we expresses disharmony, we're asking "to be tuned", listened to, treated with care, so that the creative flame can burn in balance. "Canale Armonico" works with the exchange of information at the level of frequencies modulated to find a new balance, suitable and sustainable by the individual in his uniqueness.

A creative act to write our new musical scoresHow?

Through treatments, art workshops and nature.

Change is taking place now and together we can transform disharmony into symphony:

if you are unhappy you know it, call change! And if you are already happy, maybe...

you just need to stabilize your balance.



Elisa Naike