E l i s a  N a i k e  


I search with the frequencies since I remember.

I studied music (piano at the "G.Tartini" conservatory, guitar, singing and idiophone instruments of various cultures) and practiced sports since childhood (artistic gymnastics, rhythmic, volleyball and martial arts). I graduated from the "Dams" in Bologna and at the same time I studied and worked at the "Bibiena" classical theater.

I graduated from the "Arsenale theater" in Milan, Lecoq method and had my "initiation" with street art.

I attended the circus school in Bristol, followed by the "Flic" in Turin and I specialized as an acrobat at the Chinese pole, working on European and international theater and circus stages. I have learned in depth the work on the physical body, putting it at the service in the theatre and clown masks. I practiced at Eric De Bont's "international clown school" in Spain.

Through art I have learned to feel my emotions and my inner fire.

My research as a performer is characterized by the use of the harmonic body, combined with the sound and mysteries of the voice frequencies.

Since 2004, I've been following the Reiki Master and I teach zazen meditation, accompanied by channeling in the Akashic Records, sounds bath and natural remedies of the Earth.

I've received initiation as a warrior nun in Japan on Shikoku pilgrimage.

Through nature I have learned to choose the continuous transformation of life.

I graduated as a naturopath at the "School of Naturopathy" in Bologna and I followed the four-year course with shamanic orientation at the "Red Lodge Longhouse Italia", which continues in my leadership in the "Bravo White Lodge".

My service is transmitted today with the love for my work as a freelance artist, holistic operator and investigator of the soul, interested in the human being in his entirety and in his paradoxes.

Professionista Disciplinato ai sensi della Legge n. 4/2013

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