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Singer-songwriter, channeler, performer, singing and meditation teacher, naturopath.


Naike studied music (piano at the "G.Tartini" conservatory, guitar, singing and idiophone instruments from various cultures) and practiced sports since she was a child (artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball and martial arts). Working as a bartender, she graduated from the "Dams" in Bologna and at the same time studied and worked at the "Bibiena" classical theatre, with the show "amore di gruppo".

She graduated from the "Arsenale theater" in Milan (Lecoq method) and received "initiation" with art and street theatre.

She attended the circus school in Bristol and the "Flic" in Turin, specializing as a Chinese pole acrobat: Naike worked on the stages of European and international theaters and circuses. It deepens the work on the physical body, putting it at the service of theater and clown masks, experimenting at Eric De Bont's "international school of clowns" in Spain. In 2004, she stumbled upon the experience of psychomagic with Alejandro Jodorowsky, who open the path to the Level 4 Usui Reiki Master and to the path of zazen meditation teacher and channeler in the Akashic Records. Receives initiation as a warrior nun in Japan, on the Shikoku pilgrimage.

She graduated as a naturopath at the "School of Naturopathy" in Bologna and the four-year course in shamanic orientation at the "Red Lodge Longhouse Italia", followed by the "Bravo White Lodge" and "Intership" leadership schools. For over 10 years she has been an apprentice of the shamanic path of the "Sweet Medicine of the Sun Dance".

Naike is a PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

Publications: "The Tribe of the red noses - the forbidden noise" (request it at: ​ ​

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