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Akashic reading amplifies your resources.

Have you ever asked yourself: “who am I beyond my identity?

Who's in there, what am I writing? " ...

If this intrigues you, you are ready to dive into an Akashic reading.

Akasha is the universal Matrix, pure Knowledge of The Matrix reality. We can access it to obtain deep focus: recognizing the history of the Soul allows us to make more conscious choices. A healing reading consists of opening your register and downloading the necessary information from the channeler, ready for that moment. The duration is about 75 minutes: both, receiver and channeler, prepare themselves in a space of quiet and calm through a short meditation, followed by the "download" of the information.

When you ask for a reading, you may want to prepare yourself by reflecting on facts from your life where you need clarity, patterns and habits that repeat themselves, memories, or maybe none of this.

The important thing is not to have expectations. All the knowledge you receive during the session is a form of Love to assist you in the process of life's experience. It is important that you understand that you are responsible for verifying the information obtained. To book your reading: (0039) 392 26 43 668 Naike.


It is possible and useful to receive ONLINE readings.

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