What do you want to put in your nest?

Let's find out by marveling at the new balance that this treatment brings to your essence.

Using the Genios machine we work together with electromagnetic fields modulated on intelligent algorithms to restore the correct cellular energy functioning. Using holistic supports we harmonize and arrange the change that has taken place. What do you get? Stress reduction, evolutionary improvement of cellular memory, less weight on your shoulders! Depending on your personal needs, nutritional advice, phytotherapeutic solutions, moxa or effective tools for your journey will follow. I welcome you with joy.

ON RESERVATION: (0039) 392 26 43 668



An experience of deep relaxation, release and contact: Love concert for the soul.

Materials needed: personal bottle of water, mat to lying down and your favorite blanket.

Group meetings take place at the Zenit center in Trieste by appointment.

For individual sessions, please contact Elisa Naike personally, thank you.



The singing frequency is magical, mysterious and gratuitous, suitable for investigation.

In the session together we learn to use the qualities of the voice to rediscover who we are, in essence.

An hour dedicated to your personal journey in which to explore singing techniques, harmonics, body discipline, posture and brain alignment. Clearing your way of communicating with life makes you free.

I remember that singing skills are not necessary, but the session is also suitable and useful for professionals in the sector.