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How do you want your nest be?

In the naturopathy session, we will discover together how to harmonize the imbalances you feel through:

- interview with presentation of the affliction

- use of the Genius quantum machine

- harmonization of the magnetic field

(depending on personal needs, we will activate craniosacral technique, moxa, sound therapy, acupressure, psychomagic)

- phytotherapeutic and nutritional advice to prevent and maintain well-being


This session is suitable for humans, as well as pets.

What do you get? Stress reduction, evolutionary improvement of cellular memory, less weight on the shoulders! I wait you with joy. ​

RESERVATION : (0039) 392 26 43 668

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The voice is a vehicle of consciousness and creates reality.

The focus of this session is to become one with your voice: we will work with the breath, the orbit technique, the discovery and cleaning of natural sound, harmonization techniques, overtone and throat singing. Suitable for everyone.​

What do you get?

Cleanliness and fluidity in the natural voice, presence and grounding, improvement of oxygenation and breath quality, brain-sound alignment and a deep connection to the core of your matter.

One session or packages of 4 sessions (= 1 lesson per week)

RESERVATION : (0039) 392 26 43 668



The Circle Song (by Bobby McFerrin) is an ancestral form of singing in a group arranged in a circle.

You learn listening, personal leadership, rhythm, seasoned with improvisations and anomalies that create fun in welcoming music for the magic it is.

It's a unique experiential workshop, a welcoming space where the wonder happens and all we have to do is savour.

What do you get?

Co-powering, fluency and readiness, sense of the magic of rhythm, awakening of what we are as human beings who find themselves over and over again singing in a circle.

Workshops available in Italian, English and Spanish

RESERVATION : (0039) 392 26 43 668



An experience of deep relaxation, release and contact: a concert of Love for the soul. The journey will begin with a meditation, followed by the sound of idiophone instruments and gong, interspersed with silences. Naike's voice will take you on a cellular level transformation. Dive into the sound wave of harmony!

Collective meetings are held throughout Europe, by reservation, during which it is possible to receive individual sessions.

RESERVATION : (0039) 392 26 43 668

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A treatment for the rebirth of everyone: infants, children, adolescents, adults, pregnant women, subjects with physical or mental problems, coma state, pre-death stages.

Practicing the metamorphic massage focuses on the vital force, with a light non-invasive, safe, easy and pleasant touch that brings coherence between thought (touching the head), action (touching the hands) and movement in the world (touching the feet) .


What do you get?

Removing energetic, physical and emotional blocks that have formed from the time of your conception to birth. A return to the home of your essence.

The only requirement: be open to transform yourself beyond what you already know.


If you want to learn the technique form a group of at least 4 people and book.

RESERVATION : (0039) 392 26 43 668

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